Pearson Lab Bench (Science)
Visualizing Topography
Latest Earthquakes
NOAA - Including weather forecasting, tornadoes, hurricanes, greenhouse gases, and more. Click on icons to left. Teacher icon has worksheets, etc. for the site.
Geology simulations - Continental drift, rifts, volcanoes, and much more

General Links
Science News for Kids
BBC Science
Bill Nye Website
Energy for Kids
Alternative Energy
National Geographic Videos Online
Project Tomorrow
Cool Science for Curious Kids  Hosted by Howard Hughes Medical Center (HHMC)
How Products are Made

Life Science

Animals of the World Games
The Great Plant Escape - Help detective Leplant and his friends Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life!
Food Web Activity (2 +)
Biomes of the World -  A great site hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG)
Biomes -  Hosted by Enchanted Learning
Biology of Plants - Hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG)
Oceans Alive
Creature World - Educational videos by PBS and the Kratt brothers. Site requires free registration.
Monterey Bay Aquarium - Learning activities
Penguin Science Page - A great penguin resource. Many facts and activities for kids of all ages.
Environmental Education for Kids Online (EekoWorld) - (1-5) EekoWorld, by PBS, is designed to help children between the ages of 6 and 9 learn about the important role they can play in taking care of the earth.
Habitats and Landforms - Kansas State University database
The Biology of Plants - A Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG) hosted site
Rainforest Slideshow

Earth Science

The Nine Planets - (2 +) A multi media tour of the solar system
Solar System "Trek" - (3 +) A webquest on the solar system. Fantastic!
Moon Phase Calendar - (4+)

Physical Science

Ed Heads - Simple Machine Activities - (4 +)
EIA Energy Kids Page - (2 +)
Light and Optics
States of Matter - (2 +)
Online Matter