Welcome to Oakmont Outdoor School! 

We are a small school preparing students to achieve big dreams! 

Oakmont Outdoor School is located on the corner of Arrow Highway and College Avenue.  Our picturesque campus features beautiful trees, gardens and murals, as well as a large playground with multiple play structures and plenty of field play space.  Our small size, approximately 300 students, is one of our main features, as it allows us to offer a highly personalized education that focuses on EVERY student. 

We specialize in delivering the California Content Standards using the world's biomes as a thematic setting where students participate in a variety of project based learning and outdoor field study experiences.  Each grade level (TK-6) studies one of the world's biomes and has a culminating trip to that biome which includes overnight travel for our 4th-6th grade students. 

We pride ourselves on not only holding students to high academic standards, but providing them the tools to achieve those standards. As an AVID school, we teach our students the skills necessary for success all the way through college, including note-taking, academic vocabulary, and organization.  Our multi-tiered system of supports provides every student the opportunity to receive instruction at their level for a portion of each day in addition to regular classroom instruction.  Students in grades two through six utilize 1:1 iPads to support and enhance learning, and all students receive weekly instruction in music, art, and technology.  Our teachers are highly trained, and continue to receive regular professional development to ensure that they are using the most effective strategies in the classroom.  

At Oakmont, we celebrate our diversity and welcome the unique contributions that each of our students, staff, and families bring to our school.  Through our Bucket Filler and Project Champion initiatives, we build strong character and a caring community.  Families are valued and included in the educational process through goal-setting conferences, daily communication via student planners, and a multitude of family events during the year.   

There is no doubt that Oakmont is a special place to be.  Join us as we continue on our journey, learning in the world's biomes!