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LINC Tutors

Learning IN Collaboration (LINC) partners Pomona College tutors with elementary school students at two local under-resourced schools, Oakmont Outdoor and Vista del Valle, during and after school.  Through this program college students help their tutees to improve literacy and mathematical skills, and provide extra emotional and social support in the classrooms, with a commitment of at least one hour per week .

Throughout the semester, tutors also gather during tutor dinners to talk about their experiences and participate in an end-of-the semester activity with their tutees from the two schools.

The goals of LINC tutors are:

·to help students develop their literacy skills and improve their school work

·to develop meaningful relationships with students to spark enthusiasm about learning and college

·to gain essential communication and leadership skills, as well as an understanding of their role as contributing members of the larger community

LINC is one of the many community engagement programs that the Draper Center for Community Partnerships coordinates in Pomona College.  The program is part of Draper Center's ongoing efforts in fostering mutually beneficial relationships between Pomona College and members of its surrounding communities.